“It’s been 700 years already since the famous Lithuanian Duke Gediminas’s letter to prominent Western cities, where the name of Vilnius is mentioned for the first time ever. In the course of history, Vilnius had been struck by multiple crucial events that have shaped the city in their own indigenous way. However, besides Vilnius becoming

September 3, 2022

Špikis – extraordinary cyclist beer

Being enthusiastic cyclists Dundulis brewers created extraordinary non alchoholic beer which could suit as  recovery drink after long ride or training course.  Špikis (The Spoke) beer –  will  replace fluid loss, carbohydrates  and foamy proteins will replenish  energy. The breeze of refreshing hops aroma will certainly quench the thirst. Beer: “Špikis” (The Spoke) ABV: 0.5% Style: Non

June 2, 2021

Salus – birch sap ale

Salus is a kind of beer that’s not only one of the biggest challenges but it’s also one of the most interesting projects for Dundulis brewers as well. Gathering the right amount of birch sap and adding it all to the tank during the brewing process is quite something and is not an easy task

May 13, 2021


Aušrinis (pron. aaushreenees, eng. dawn, dawny, from/of dawn) – this is how the ancient Curonians called the wind blowing from the northeast, that propels their ships from the shore far into the sea. This is a symbolic beer for our team as well, since we bid farewell to one of the crew members Laurynas. While

March 31, 2021

Ji (She)

At first glance, JI (She) is a traditional Belgian – solemn and restraint who adheres to customary values. The traditional malt base sculpts the classic shape of Her body that is highlighted by turbulent fermentation of Wallonia yeast. The tamed bitterness of the noble hops only emphasizes her seemingly humble way. However, it’s just the

March 24, 2021

Dundulis Calendar

It’s been ages, since the humanity has begun to organize and keep track of their time in order not to get lost in uncertainty. Thus, the hunters followed the Moon and the farmers followed the Sun. Brewers, however, to no extent are any exception and they have to organize their time as well. So Dundulis,

March 18, 2021

Happy 31st Anninversary

Happy 31st Anninversary of our State that we have been building together side by side! We honor the occasion with the very special beer – “31”.By nurturing this beer, we want to convey the atmosphere that was out there during the first year of our Freedom.There was this breeze and this crisp freshness of the

March 11, 2021

Džion Borna – boiled mash samogitian ale

Just quite a few have really ever heard of real Samogitian beer. Some, perhaps, might’ve tried “trakalis” made from toasted black bread and sugar, however, not everyone knows that the real malt beer has been brewed in Samogitia (an ethnic region in Northern Lithuania) just recently. The process of malt beer brewing has been recorded

March 2, 2019

Celebrate the International Gruit Day with Kiečių Ale

You must’ve realized by now that Gruit beers are as important to us as the local tradition. Therefore, the brewers of Dundulis decided to join the celebration of the International Gruit Day. We have been celebrating this day for 4 years already, so we decided to commemorate the date with KIECIU (Wormwood) beer, which has

February 1, 2019

Grikis – the Dzukian Buckwheat Porter

This year, the DUNDULIS brewers have spent quite a bit of time not only studying Lithuanian beer brewing, but they also harvested selected varieties of Lithuanian hops both in Kaunas Botanical Garden nurseries as well as in the gardens of their own. They also scouted remote Lithuanian villages for local Senalis yeast strains as well

November 19, 2018