Salus – birch sap ale

Salus is a kind of beer that’s not only one of the biggest challenges but it’s also one of the most interesting projects for Dundulis brewers as well. Gathering the right amount of birch sap and adding it all to the tank during the brewing process is quite something and is not an easy task to do. Oh well, but we like challenges, so in addition to all of this, we decided to enrich Salus beer with spring buds. We have wandered quite for a while around the fields, forest outskirts, meadows, and gardens, just to gather armfuls of sprouting twigs and more than that: We pampered the beer with birch buds and added Japanese green tea Matcha just to boost that feel of the crisp spring freshness in Salus.

Abv: 3.6%
Style: Birch sap ale