Dundulis Calendar

It’s been ages, since the humanity has begun to organize and keep track of their time in order not to get lost in uncertainty. Thus, the hunters followed the Moon and the farmers followed the Sun. Brewers, however, to no extent are any exception and they have to organize their time as well. So Dundulis, after spending a lot of time observing nature and human activities, decided to outline their own Wheel of the Year. Hence, our year is divided into four main periods by the Spring and Fall Equinoxes, and the Winter and Summer Solstices. To no surprise, this coincides with the essential Lithuanian holidays that also have their ritual drinks all along since the ancient times. Supporting Lithuanian Freedom is one of the core values for Dundulis, so every year we commemorate Anniversary of March 11th by brewing very special different beer for this occasion. In the Summertime, light pale beers have been brewed while by mid-summer we already gather berries with fruits and we harvest fresh Lithuanian hops in Fall, not to mention our wandering around the fields of heath. Finally, we dedicate gruit, dark, and sturdy beers for the Winter. This is just a glimpse at Dundulis throughout the year but you can examine the cycle in detail in this calendar. Thus, very soon, i.e. March 21st, there will be the Spring Equinox, so we greet it with Prussian IPA Koyte Poyte.

Dundulis 2021 Year Calendar