In the Garden of Hops

On the last day of the summer, the Dundulis brewers took a part in a harvest gathering at Vytautas Magnus University Botanical Garden. The Botanical Garden had been founded in 1924 and it has been renewed several years ago. This garden exhibits a large nursery with a unique to the Baltics scientific collection of common

October 10, 2018

Keptinis – Baked Ale

Baked Ale: A joint venture by Dundulis brewers and Birzu Duona bakers Beer brewing and bread baking are some of the oldest crafts emerged at the dawn of our civilization. It is really difficult to tell which craft of the two is older, but it is known that the oldest written beer recipe mentions making

March 11, 2016

Stone brew – Moko Maukas

Having brewed today‘s one fashionable beer after another, we came to realize that we have been moving away from our roots. It just struck us that we paid little attention to our local traditional beer, so this year we are resolute to fix it. We introduced the first beer dedicated to the Lithuanian beer brewing

March 7, 2016

Juodaragis – yarrow gruit

While contemplating on Mėnuo Juodaragis Music and Baltic Culture Festival as well as awaiting the Nine-Horned deer (the magic creature from Lithuanian mythology), Dundulis has brewed two beers. Juodaragis (the Black-Horned deer) is a dark, strong, and fragrant herbal gruit ale reflecting on dreams of XVII Juodaragis Festival. The gruit taste is morphed by yarrow

December 18, 2014

Viržinis – heather ale

Although the frost has already been biting at night and the trees are almost undressed by the Fall wind, the Dundulis brewers do not intend spreading their wings for migration due South, not to mention about zero intention to hibernate either. On the contrary, we’re pleased to present a novelty turned tradition – the Viržinis

October 18, 2013