Grikis – the Dzukian Buckwheat Porter

This year, the DUNDULIS brewers have spent quite a bit of time not only studying Lithuanian beer brewing, but they also harvested selected varieties of Lithuanian hops both in Kaunas Botanical Garden nurseries as well as in the gardens of their own. They also scouted remote Lithuanian villages for local Senalis yeast strains as well as they had grown and grinded Lithuanian malt. Yet one of the most amazing lands where the crafters collect herbs for their gruit beers is the Dzukija Ethnical Region. Dzukija is totally fascinating by both its beauty and the enchanting nature. Thus, we bow our heads before the Musteika village that neighbors vast Cepkeliu Marsh in Dzukija National Park – the place where we collect heather for our beer. Then we lay tablecloths decorated with Dzukian ethnic patterns and then we bring GRIKIS on it.