Happy 31st Anninversary

Happy 31st Anninversary of our State that we have been building together side by side! We honor the occasion with the very special beer – “31”.By nurturing this beer, we want to convey the atmosphere that was out there during the first year of our Freedom.
There was this breeze and this crisp freshness of the Freedom Reborn, there was this overwhelming breathtaking experience in the air.  This feel is passed upon by the presence of fragrant birch buds and its young spring leaves – the Herald of the Spring, pampered with earthy flowery hops, characterized by their subtle bitterness. We brewed this beer with Lager yeast and we have fermented it in a way that  we would attribute to as a particular method of beer brewing by local crafters typical to that period. Given this authentic method of fermentation, we have decided to bestow upon this beer the name of the Lithuanian Lager style.
We stand for Freedom!