Aušrinis (pron. aaushreenees, eng. dawn, dawny, from/of dawn) – this is how the ancient Curonians called the wind blowing from the northeast, that propels their ships from the shore far into the sea. This is a symbolic beer for our team as well, since we bid farewell to one of the crew members Laurynas. While graduating from serious studies, Laurynas dives into the deeper waters of his career. This beer has been created by Laurynas and it is influenced by his favorite traditions of the German Pilsener combined with the culture of the West Coast IPA. The bright horizon of Aušrinis will surprise you with intense hoppy squall: Here the epicenter of the flavors is filled the soft bitterness of the herbaceous earthy German hops followed be the gusts of tropical citrusy West Coast flavors.