The beer with the local touch.

Dundulis is not just an established and widely known beer brand but it is also a community of enthusiastic beer crafters who are bonded together by the purpose of making sustainable valuable beer whose body is intertwined with nature and local culture.

There is no record of the exact date but it was 2012 for sure when visionary entrepreneurial  home brewers shook  hands with experienced Panevezys and Sirvenos breweries to brew the first beer that truly rocked the local Lithuanian beer market.

Our awareness and values are closely connected with Nature:  While crafting beer, we tune into our environment, we listen to the whisper of our ancient trees, we feel the wind in our hair in Lithuanian fields, we caress the beloved landscape with our eyes. Learning from this harmony of Mother Nature, we weave together local herbs, flowers, and fruits and then we blend them with our beer. We hold that less is more.

We make it clear that Lithuanian local beer brewing traditions are dear to us as well as they inspire and motivate us to a big extent. Therefore, just to learn in detail the old mastery of the craft, we visit local Lithuanian brewers in their farmsteads. We look into their unique brewing subtleties and the ancient ways, we search for the varieties of primeval yeast, hops, and malt grain that had been used to make traditional Lithuanian beer in the days past. We carefully sift through old historic archives in hope of digging up something new from the past.

We sincerely believe that the beer must have its own character: The beer must embody local environment, history, and unique traditions. Most importantly, this character must be shaped by us and it should carry a piece of our soul.

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